Jill has been practicing yoga since 2011. At the time, yoga was the only thing that made sense to her and she immediately connected with it, feeling drawn to it without understanding why. Over time yoga began to feel like a way of slowly healing herself and her practice encouraged her awareness inward. Her focus naturally shifted toward a deeper knowing and acceptance of her inner self, and living more authentically in line with her true nature. She believes that yoga provides the teachings that inspire us to live from a place of light and a place where we may all cultivate full acceptance, love, and a sense of wholeness. During her classes, Jill strives to share her yoga by offering a supportive space that encourages compassion and loving-kindness, as well as a deep inquiry into the self and consciousness. Whether the glass is gentle or more vigorous, Jill ultimately encourages the process of coming home to yourself- an awakening through asana, meditation, breath, and connection.